Sunday, January 8, 2012

Eye redness

Eye redness is a condition when the eye tends to appear a little swollen and reddish in color. This may give a red blood like appearance to the eyes and is very unpleasant to look at. The swelling occurs on account of increased supply of blood to the capillaries of the eyes. The reasons for this increased flow may be many. If you ever face a situation like this please do not relate the degree of redness of the eyes to the intensity of eye infection that you are suffering from. However in some cases, the eyes turning red may be an indication of some serious eye infection. In any case do not take the eye infection for granted.

The most common cause for this kind of redness is the enlargement of the sclera of the eye. The sclera to become larger and causes an irritation to you. This may happen because of several environmental factors like dry air exposure, sun exposure for a prolonged period of time. This may also result from allergic to some chemical or substance. In most common cases this happens because of excessive trauma or stress.

These eye infections can occur at different locations of the eye. A situation when the eyelashes get swelled up is called as Blepharitis eye infection. This happens because of infection by some bacteria. The common cause of redness is conjunctivitis in which the membrane that lines the eyelid gets infected.

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