Thursday, January 19, 2012

‘All you need to know in Applied Optics’ – Advanced CME organized by Indian Journal of Ophthalmology (IJO – AIOS) under the aegis of Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society

22nd January 2012, Mumbai:

Indian Journal of Ophthalmology is organizing advanced CME on ‘All you need to know in Applied Optics’ to commemorate 100 years of 1st Ophthalmologist to have received a Nobel Prize: Dr. Allvar Gullstrand (1911). The CME is organized under the aegis of Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society and confers MMC credit hours.  MMC Credit Points are important for renewal of Maharashtra Medical Council registration. The CME is at Hotel Rang Sharda, Bandra, Mumbai on 22 January 2012 (Sunday), from 9 AM to 6 PM.

The CME is organized under the able guidance of Padmashree Prof Dr. T. P. Lahane and Prof Dr. S. Natarajan.

The event will observe talk by eminent Ophthalmologists of India like Prof. Dr. S. Natarajan, Dr. D. Ramamurthy, Dr. Barun K Nayak, Dr. Rohit Shetty, Dr. Kavita Rao, Dr. Anupam Deshpande, Dr. Arindam Chakravarti, Dr. Quresh B. Maskati, Dr. C. Wavikar, Dr. Sujal Shah, Dr. Kumar Doctor, Dr. Mathew Kurian, Dr Rajini Battu, Dr. Dipali Prabhu, Dr. Sudeep Das, Dr Supriya Dabir and Dr. Jatin Ashar.

The talks will focus on life of Allavar Gullstrand and will impart knowledge on the recent advanced topics of cornea & refractive surgeries, cataract surgery, diagnostics in retina & glaucoma and many other case & problem based discussions.

Allvar Gullstrand was a Swedish ophthalmologist. He was professor of eye therapy and of optics at the University of Uppsala. He applied the methods of physical mathematics to the study of optical images and of the refraction of light in the eye. For this work, he received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1911. Gullstrand is noted also for his research on astigmatism and for improving the ophthalmoscope and corrective lenses for use after removal of a cataract from the eye.

A Quiz will be organized at the end of the session based on noble prize in Ophthalmology and topics related to optics & refraction. Quiz is specially organized for PG Students & young budding Ophthalmologists.

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