Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Choosing Right Glasses for Eyes

Glasses today have become the hottest fashion accessories. They are available in different styles and frames. Thus choosing the right frame of glasses is a tough job.

Pinpoint your need:
First and foremost decide you need one pair of glasses or more. That is one pair for work and another pair for evenings and weekends. Thus after you have pinpointed your need it will be easy for you to decide what kind of frame you require. For work you need the simple and conservative style. For evenings and weekends you need a more bold, ultra-modern style.

Face Shape:
Your face shape plays a key role in deciding what kind of frame will suit you. Thus choosing the right frame will not only accentuate your good features but will also help you in hiding the less-desirable features. Thus try the following frames for the face shape listed below.
• Round Face: oval, straight or rectangular frames, slightly larger than your face.
• Square Face: oval frames with straight or rounded lines, in a size more or less equal to your face.
• Triangular Face: large frames with the top line straight or rounded.
• Oval Face: any frame is suitable for this face type.

Skin tone:
Skin tone is also an important factor in determining colour of the frame. All complexions fall into one of two colour bases - blue (cool) or yellow (warm). A cool complexion has blue or pink undertones, and a warm complexion has a "peaches and cream" or yellow cast. Thus for cool complexion use contrasting and dark colours. While for warm complexion use soft tones.

Eye Colour:
Eye colours are usually a secondary element in determining the correct frame. Following points will guide you.
• Blue: grey, blue or tortoise-shell fames.
• Green: burgundy, violet or green frames.
• Brown: bronze or horn-rimmed frames.
• Black: pink, silver or gold frames.

Hair colour:
If you have black/brown hair then go in for black or navy frames. Blondes please avoid gold frames and opt for a bronze one.

Points to Remember:
While choosing a frame for your eyes make sure you have enough time to consider your options and to select the right frames.
If you are confused take a friend along with you or ask the in-store consultant.

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