Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Snoring can lead to glaucoma: Experts

THRISSUR: Besides creating nuisance to those around you, snoring can aggravate glaucoma-optic nerve damage associated with the buildup of pressure in the eye-leading to loss of vision, experts said.

Studies reinforced the belief that those who snore were at the risk of developing glaucoma, ophthalmic surgeon Dr Rani Menon said.

"Snoring cuts off oxygen supply to your lungs and vital organs including the eyes. In glaucoma, already the opticval nerve cells are dying due to the increased pressure. Lack of oxygen accelerates the decay. So snoring is a very serious risk as far as glaucoma is concerned,'' she said.

When pressure builds up, the nerve cells inside the eye get strangulated and they start dying. There are about five million nerve cells in the human eye, and vision would be affected when about 30% cent of them are lost.

According to statistics, one in 200 of those aged above 40 stand the risk of getting glaucoma affected, while one in 100 aged above 65were at risk. In India, about 11.9 million people are glaucoma-affected.

Though early detection is critical in treating glaucoma, patients seldom perceive any clear symptom, said Dr Babu Krishnakumar, secretary of the Kerala society of ophthalmic surgeons.

People do get your eyes checked every  6 monthly or 1 yearly with an ophthalmologist to avoid the risk of Glaucoma! 

'Glaucoma Week' is being organized across the world from March 8.

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