Friday, April 11, 2014

Dr. S. Natarajan a former senior Vitreo-Retinal surgeon of Sankara Nethralaya is crowned with glory at Mexico.

Dr. S. Natarajan shares his joy and excitement.
My Dear Sir,
I just landed in Mumbai from Mexico.  I remember you always, especially during a live Surgery. I did a live surgery at Mexico City. They had kept a very tough case. ‘Advance Diabetic Traction Retinal detachment’. When they showed the fundus photo of the case to the hall, all the doctors assembled were shocked, such a tough case was put for live surgery by me. They actually pitied me. But after I started the 25 G vit with Chandelier illumination + Bimanual Scissors forceps, Delamination, roportional vitrectomy+Pfcl+Endo laser. I was quite quick, meticulous like I did live surgery at Ahmadabad in front of my Guru Dr. S.S.Badrinath and Dr. P.N.Nagpal on 23 rd March 2014. This proportional Vitrectomy Delamination is a new technique I presented in Frankfurt on 16 March 2014. After I finished the live surgery, everybody gave a thunderous applause and the chief Dr. David declared I am the King of Vitreo-Retinal Surgery and the best who has done maximum number of Vitrectomy for Diabetic TRD in the planet. It is nice to be looked after royally as the only “THE INDIAN VR SURGEON”. Everybody speaks only Spanish.
The American speakers and myself were the only one who spoke English. The entire live surgery was translated simultaneously to Spanish and English. A great experience, as the only Indian in Mexico. So far away. Dr. De Juan, Dr. Steven Schwartz, Jules Stein and other American surgeons were zapped. Since there were no iatrogenic breaks, hemorrhage or any other complication. For this Dr. De Juan commented that I am lucky. I replied that I and Dr. Badrinath believe only Karma- Skills and not luck.
Thank you SIR!  For all your care, affection and Love. I am going to Tokyo, Japan for the World Ophthalmology Congress 2014 (WOC 2014). I have more than10 presentations to make. Are you coming to Tokyo?
Stanislao Rizzo and Dr. Nagpal commented that I am the Emperor.
I am very happy, to be your STUDENT!!
With lots of love and affection!
Dr S.Natarajan                      

Dear Shri Natty,

I am the happiest person to read your letter about the surgical demonstration of VR surgery at Mexico. Salutations to the king of VR surgery and the emperor. May you live long with the benign blessings of the Good Lord forever. I read your letter at the pep talk of me today for the new PGs and fellows. It made terrific impact. I was able to emphasis what is expected from them. Natty, thank you for giving me an opportunity to proud of you. May more and more similar occasions come in your way.

From Chairman Emeritus: DR.S.S.Badrinath. 

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