Sunday, April 1, 2012

Medical Tourism Patient's Feedback

I came to know about this institute in 2001. Basically I am single Eye patient. In 2001 Retinal weak point got developed in my Good Eye (Right Eye). I went to Local Ophthal in Kenya. He suggested and recommended this place. We flew to Mumbai and was seen by Prof Dr. S. Natarajan who confirmed the diagnosis and informed us that it required treatment asap. I underwent CRYO Surgery which was done by Dr. S. Natarajan. After the surgery my vision and my eye was stable till 2010.

In April 2010 I saw flashed in my right eye. So we travelled to Mumbai again to get it checked. There was retinal detachment which was rectified by laser treatment. Laser was done by Dr. Arindam Chakravarti. It was a complex procedure as my pupil was very small and getting laser at the right place was very difficult. The laser did not hold and then I went completely blind. 2 weeks later I underwent Major retinal surgery which was performed by Dr. S. Natarajan using gas. 4 weeks after the surgery I fully recovered and my vision got restored. A very satisfied and contended patient

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