Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Memorable Trip to Berhampore, West Bengal

19 Nov 2010 Memorable Trip to Kolkata

I finished rotary trust meeting and left at 6.05, via Dharavi, due to severe traffic jam, I took detour thro sion dharavi from T junction thro LBS marg, spoke to vinod Mehta at 7.20 from kurla. He had already boarded. At 7.55 we reached kalina flyover. Still traffic jam was severe. Spoke to vinod Mehta , the counter were closed. Took a uturn below kalina flyover and decided to attend Jaideep wedding reception at kohinoor, catering college, Prabhadevi.

Attended wedding reception, changed ticket to friday morning 6.35 am. Got up at 4 am. Took bath, boarded flt, landed at 9.15. Was feeling Feverish. Dr.Sukanya Mitra came to pick me up with Sultan driver in Tata Sumo. Half way thro took crocin from Sukanya. She was discussing several things about my achievement, later touched several of my personal tragedy, my hardships in sankara nethralaya, How I was and am blue eyed boy of dr.SSB, even today.Had tea at Krishna Nagar. In this journey, I narrated several personal incidents, she was impressed and told me to write a book like Bob Asher in AAO this time. Reached Berhampore at 2.30, had lunch, took combiflam, did live surgery using Constellation, an eye post cat with IOL done previous day with Hyphaema, sub conj haem, vit haem with rheg rd.
Performed 23 g vit with pfcl with fge with endo laser with pfcl air exchange, then C 3 F 8 gas exchange.
Everybody appreciated.

It was nice to see my own fellows managing VR dept in Susrut Kolkatta by Aniruddha Maiti and Berhampore Susrut by Anshuman Mukherjee.

Later went to dinner met my other alumni soumen mandal, Debapriya Chatterjee,.
I also met SN alumni ashis bhattacharya, swati, bhunia, tushar sinha, partha biswas, etc.
Went to sleep at 12 mid night. Got up at 6 am , left Berhampore at 7 am with vinod mehta in tata sumo with sultan driver to catch flight from Kolkatta at 2 pm. On the way we had tea at Krishna Nagar. After some time there was diversion into a smaller road due to naka bhandi. I was discussing lot of spiritual things and shared about my life to vinod. I showed my YOU can do it presentation in lap top. He was impressed, he wanted a copy. I will send this and aaj savere cds.

To our surprise, suddently running Tata Sumo stopped in this small village at 10.15 am. Sultan tried his best engine did not start. We collected few volunteers, pushed the car several times, it did not start, Then we decided to off load our luggage into a three wheel cycle rickshaw with no top, we three, including driver went in this for three km. In between cycle chain got slipped, but adjusted and Reached Ranaghat, hired maruti omni. The whole journey was beautiful, I have photos and videos. Later reached Airport at 1 pm took flight at 2 pm and wrote this in air.

All this we did for what, all for commitment to teaching ophthalmology. So many friends question, why we have to do this, that is what we want to convey through this beautiful journey of life.

During the open cycle luggage rickshaw, vinod was testing, why not you tell your status and your famous name to him, at that moment in remote corner of India who knows us, that is what I was mentioning to vinod about Rajanikant and Ramana Maharishi about their philosophy, who am I. The answer was here. I told him there is no head weight , I enjoy moment to moment.
Hence I decided to pen it down.

Dr. S.Natarajan
Chairman & Manging Director

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